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about us

MG School of Voice is a singing school local to the Inner West of Sydney. Teaching the Voiceology Australia program '10  Lessons for Easy Singing', our school focuses on teaching easy and sustainable singing.

Director and recording artist Madi G has been singing and performing for 10  years. After 5 years of constant chest belting and poor diction, her voice was left raw and unpredictable. It was then that Madi G began learning the incredible Voiceology technique and found her voice was finally regaining its strength.

Learning proper breathing techniques, easy register crossing, painless head belting and exercises to safely stretch her range and improve her diction, her voice was better than ever before.

Having learnt this technique under the guidance of Voiceology Australia's founder Marion Rouvas, Madi G felt passionate about learning to teach the very technique that saved her voice to others like herself!

To people who love to sing and want to understand how they can better their voice or to people who already learn and perhaps don't notice the regression of their voice or are unsure why singing seems painful. Madi G strives to create a safe and supportive environment for both the voice and the student.
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